Our Services

Province of Quebec

For delivery throughout the province, Messagerie Par-Chemin offers its Direct Delivery service at attractive rates. For example, if you're waiting for a part from Quebec City, Messagerie Par-Chemin gives you the following advantages:

  • reduced waiting time (you eliminate having to make the trip to get your part; one of our employees is ready to leave with it right away)
  • savings (you avoid having to supply a vehicle or reimbursing the travelling expenses of an employee)
  • maintenance of productivity (you don't need to do without a useful employee in order to get your part)


Quebec City Area

To its customers from the Quebec City area, Messagerie Par-Chemin offers four services:

  • "Sprint"
  • "3-Hour"
  • "A.M.-P.M./P.M.-A.M."
  • "Tomorrow"